Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motivated, Inspired and Confirmed

Wow! I haven't blogged in a very long time. I guess life just got in the way!

I just have to write about my amazing experience today, though. I have been a member of the Dublin Literacy Conference committee for the last 6 years and every year, I am in awe of what a few determined teachers, administrators, students, and custodians can do as a team.

I read Readacide by Kelly Gallager on the plane on my way to visit my parents. Although I had much on my mind (my dad's health has been declining...), I was in the "FLOW" by page 2. I devoured the book and couldn't wait to share it with my friends at school. It motivated me to continue to put engaging books in kids hands. It also confirmed what I believe...that the testing is hurting kids. Kelly was the keynote speaker this year. He was calm, cool and collected. He delivered a message that we all needed to hear. It was AWESOME!

I had the pleasure of being professional author and teacher, Patrick Allen's hostess for the day as well. I attended his two powerful presentations on Conferring with kids. He reminded us all that conferring is about the reader, not the reading.

I also squeezed in a session with Mary Lee from A Year of Reading. When Mary Lee talks about books, I melt. I want to run out and purchase them all! I am always inspired by her wealth and depth of knowledge about children's literature.

I have to run! I have a dinner date with Kelly, Patrick, Mary Lee and many more! I feel blessed to live and teach in Dublin!