Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Musings

Tonight as I was eating my ritual of cereal before bed (a family thing), I traveled through my news sites and moved onto some teacher blogs. I haven't navigated to Two Writing Teachers for a while, but there I was reading her Monday Musings. I enjoy alliterations, catchy titles, and intriguing words. Musings... a synonym for considerations or meditations. falls freely off the tongue, but hardly ever used in conversations. Ruth shared her thoughts about herself, her teaching, and her goals. From her few thoughts, I recognize her frustration with change and paradigm shifts, her understanding of her "circle of control", and her thankfulness and gratitude for the life she is living. Musings...

I found myself thinking about my musings...:

*I am an all or nothing girl. I dive in with my whole head, heart, and soul, or I don't do it at all. So, much frustration, disappointment, and sadness is felt when my idea falls flat.

*I read 25 letters from my students today asking for more time to read, more time to write, and more time for math games.

*25 students are writing conversations to one another on a wiki that I introduced last week.

*I am fortunate to work across the hall from a colleague and friend who lets me process ideas to her and gives suggestions. I value her insight.

*My own children love to read and plan their book selections when we go to the library. They love math, also.

*I am filled with gratitude to the wonderful professional learning community I've found through blogs and twitter.

Musings...perhaps my word for tomorrow. What are your musings?

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