Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sights of Summer

My children anxiously await the first backyard camp-out of the summer.  They have the camping genes from their father's side, not mine!  Last weekend, Andy decided Sunday night would be the "Welcome Summer" camp-out.  He put up the tent and built a fire, while the kids brought out their sleeping bags, pillows, and a plethora of stuffed animals. 

After the smores, Austin popped up from his chair and ran inside.  "I'm going to get 'The House That Jack Built' to read," he yelled as he flew past me.  A minute later, he sat in his chair, by the fire, and proceeded to read aloud his book.  He made sure to show us the pictures as his precious teachers have modeled for him all year.  Addyson followed suit by finding her newly acquired Skippyjohn Jones book and read it for us.  Only for her, darkness quickly came and she finished reading aloud by flashlight.

My heart was filled with joy as reading is not mom, dad, or teacher initiated.  It's part of who they are.  They are living literate lives!  Thanks to all the teachers and mentors who have touched my children this year.  You have changed their lives and are better for having you as their mentor!!!

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