Monday, October 11, 2010

Writing In The Outdoors

During an informal conversation with a parent, I learned that she and her friend began a writing workshop event for kids 2-5th grade at her farm on the weekends.  Off the fly, I asked her if she'd like to come and do a mini-workshop for our class before the cold, long, dark winter!!:(  Of course, she said.  So, we worked out logistics, what was needed, and we anticipated for the day.  (So thankful it was today and not last weekend, when we got a taste of the winter to come!!)

We made nature journals and fabulatized them, had conversations of descriptive words and adjectives, and finally today was the day.  I was so thankful for the 80 degree weather!!:)  The ladies created 9 different stations outside to use our senses when we thought about fictional and personal narratives.  The kids had soooo much fun.  There was sand and shells, tasting table, caterpillars, mud pies, woods and many opportunities to explore, write, and sketch.

After exploring, we all found a spot on the grass and wrote.  We wrote poems, thoughts, feelings...the point is we wrote.  Then, we explored, and we wrote.   What a fabulous day!!!  They offered to come back and create another day in winter.  What a blessing to have parents willing to share their passions.  
We are all one with nature!!  


  1. Now go back outside and write at least one time each week. Anchor writing or word study lessons to nature too. Shared experiences vibrate with possibilities!

    Missed chatting at our meeting the other much thinking that I left bedazzled!


  2. What fun! It is always great to inspire writing. Our second graders went on a field trip to a wildlife sanctuary last week. Of course, we took our Nature Spy books and enjoyed recording what we saw and heard. When we got back to the classroom we wrote 5 Senses poems.