Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Landform Museum Part II

Thursday and Friday, we began working with the clay to create our landforms. Many conversations took place about the different textures of the clay when everyone had the same recipe. Some clay formed great. Others were a gooey mess and not able to mold. One of my treasures began crying she was so sad her clay didn't set up. I used my personal moment from the day before and let her regroup by taking a walk. She came back and her friends loaned her some of their clay so she could participate in the inquiry time. She was going to try to make more that evening for Friday.

Of course, I forgot my flip video or camera, so I didn't capture what was unfolding. They were engaged. Conversations about the attributes of different landforms were taking place. Collaborative learning, questioning, and problem-solving were happening. Another teacher walked in and observed our time. She saw they were having a wonderful time and loving every moment, yet knew my "messy issues." It's those times I need to let go of my "control "(yes, I have issues only in Science!) and let them explore.

After we cleaned up, we discussed why some clay set up and others didn't. One variable was that some put it in the fridge overnight. A few decided to make another batch at home for Friday. The variable worked because the next day, everyone had perfect clay. Landforms were created and displayed in the hall with a "Landform Museum In Progress. DO NOT DISTURB!" sign they drew. Our goal Monday is to begin writing fact cards and speeches for our video taping.

I feel validated when my thinking and my treasures engagement mesh to create a wonderful learning opportunity. You can't quantify these moments.

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  1. Shelly, it is so much fun to read and learn about what you're doing in your neck of the educational world. And it's such valuable stuff too. Isn't a group discussion about why something worked or didn't when others did just about as important as the landform project? Really cool that they figured it out and all got to participate. Keep up the great work. I'm proud of you.

    Mike Teacher Food