Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Newbies at NCTE

Last May, I was all the rage about the upcoming NCTE conference. I read on twitter the excitement brewing, the keynote speaker, Julie Andrews, and knew this was the year. I willingly dragged my partner, Lisa, along and we made our reservations.
Fast forward a few months, and we were off. Thursday, began with a wonderful session on Word Play. I learned so many new ideas to implement with my students and other ideas that I need to think how and when to fit them in. It made me excited to think about words. Think about one word that: 1. feels good when you say it 2. sounds good when you say it. 3. it makes you feel happy. Have you thought about it? My word is marinating! I love that word. Not for the cooking aspect, but the learning aspect!

Next, we went to an Elementary Get-Together, where we got to sit with....Lester Laminack. He's coming to our school in January, so we got to talk, laugh, and ask some questions to make his visit special. He is hysterical!

Friday began my downward spiral. It was that day that I began to get sick and ended up in bed the rest of the conference and for two days after. But, the highlight for me was to talk informally with Donalyn Miller, from the Book Whisperer, The Sisters, from Daily Five, Aimee Buckner, Notebook Know-How, Debbie Miller, and more in one room. All my book BFF's together. They probably thought I was crazy going up and saying, "You don't know me, but I'm your book BFF. I use so much of you in my classroom." Lisa got some pictures to share later. I was so excited! No matter how bad I felt on Saturday and Sunday(I was laying flat in a hotel room all day Saturday)I enjoyed every minute of the conference. I'll see everyone next year!!

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  1. Me too, Partner! I now know for sure what it feels to be part of "The Readers' Club!" Orlando 2010...here we come!