Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iweb Wonder Adventure

  Iweb is an intranet site (I think...?) that can be viewed throughout our district and our tech specialist shared some of the possibilities with me.  So Monday, my treasures and I began what I am titling, "The Iweb Wonder Adventure."  She showed us what are some of the possibilities with the project, and off they went.  They have already figured out how to add video and podcasts to their page.

Since I had not created my own, I was learning with them. (After all, they need to see us take risks in our learning, too!)  They chose their theme, created a Welcome and About Me page, and then their own blog page.  My goal is for them to write their narrative as they go through the process on the blog page, and create other blog pages for different purposes.  This will be the place where their poetic literary essay will be published.

Some of the things we learned:
1.  Some themes will only type in all caps.  That's an issue once we begin composing and publishing authentic writing works.
2.  We had some difficulty linking everyone's site together, so that will need to be worked out.

Tomorrow, I'm going to let them play and figure some things out on their own.  They are definitely tech savy!  Has anyone used this application?  Any hints, comments, suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Once my class' pages go live, we'll have to share links. One of the biggest downsides to the whole thing is that there isn't commenting. We'll have to send on-paper comments through interoffice mail for the kids to be able to get feedback from their readers.