Monday, January 4, 2010

Tribute to Jon Scieszka

A Year of Reading is kicking off a celebration to Jon Scieszka for his work as the First Children's Ambassador.

As a primary teacher, I fell in love with his take on fairy tales. From The Stinky Cheese Man to the True Story of the Three Little Pigs, the point of view he took as he crafted his fairy tales was often the one that we overlooked. I mean, seriously, did we ever think about the wolf before he wrote about him? As I moved into more intermediate grade levels, I marveled at Science Verse and Math Curse. His use of math and science concepts in a language and story form most would understand was remarkable.

But, what I most admire him about was the creation of the website, Guys Read. When I began teaching third and fourth grade, my boys were not as engaged in reading as I would have hoped. I was given some professional reading on boys and literacy to help me think through some strategies for my treasures. Through those books, I came across a website he created. It validated my boys and their interests. I understand their need for graphics, action, and a quick moving read. Jon Scieszka created a website for teachers, parents, and treasures to find books that will meet their needs. It validates graphic novels. It validates those who enjoy science fiction. It validates them.

Thanks Jon, for your work as the first Children's Literature Ambassador.


  1. Thanks for your great GUYS READ appreciation, Shelly. You get exactly what those little guys need to help them get started – the validation that what they like is okay.


  2. So much validating! Let's make him the validatorian! (hee hee)