Sunday, July 4, 2010


After complete relaxation on a beach vacation, minus internet, blackberry, and phone connections...more on that later:(, I've found I cannot sleep once I'm home and have access to the outside world!!! It's 2am and I've been keeping up with some family blogs and saw how darn cute their layouts were.  So...I explored and found a wonderfully easy site if you want to change up the layout of your blog.(I like these better than the new improved blogger changes!)

 The Cutest Blog on the Block offers so many options for changing the layout of your blog, adding banners, buttons, and these blinkee things (check out below:)... all for the low,low cost of FREE.  You can even change your Facebook or Twitter background if you want.   There's more I want to try at a later time, but I'm liking the changes I've made.  Hopefully, Lisa does too when she checks out our blog!!!  Happy Creating!!


  1. Very cute! (Now go to bed, girl!!!)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it! Thanks Partner!

  3. I'm assuming this beautiful new background is from this website...the blinking quote box as well. Looks great. I liked the new changes on the blogger site, but will have to check this out as well. Hope you got some sleep!!