Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Technically Speaking...

I am on vacation, technically speaking. As a teacher, I feel so blessed to have the summer to relax and refuel. Since school has been out, I have thought, planned and toyed with ideas for the upcoming school year, but not seriously because...I am on vacation!

Tonight, however, I met at a colleague's house with some really smart teachers to talk about how to use technology in our classrooms. I was able to play with an Ipad and a Kindle. I learned more about Flickr, Imovie, and Twitter. I even visited some kid created blogs. Two smart teachers in our group each have really smart, tech-savvy kids who created cool blogs about things they care about. We talked about our summer professional development opportunities and planned for upcoming events. I learned a lot and I had fun with my "tribe" even though...I really am on vacation!


  1. Glad you had a good time. Sometimes vacation is the best time to not "think".

  2. Sorry I missed it, but the $3 burgers at Brazenhead and the brown butter brittle ice cream at Jeni's was awesome! Maybe I'll make the next one!

  3. I agree that these relaxed settings really allow for us to get the most productive thinking done. So glad we spent the time together!