Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music in The Classroom

Sunday evening I was at a dinner party and they began discussing the Wedding Entrance Dance video that is all the rage on youtube.
I hadn't heard of about it so a friend pulled out his Iphone and showed me. I was intrigued enough that I watched it numerous times at home and read the evolving story online. Even today, I can't help but wonder why the world is entranced with the video and idea. Yes, it's totally a feel good moment, but there's more. Weddings are celebrations and the wedding party began the celebration at the ceremony using music to share their joy. There wasn't a script to follow. Each member showed their individuality in the way they danced down the aisle.

Wouldn't it be great to see a class create their own dance to music? A dance or song to come into the classroom in the morning and one to leave. Or a Friday afternoon tradition as they walk out to the buses for the weekend. Think about the community building for the beginning of the school year. Or maybe choosing a song for background while they share their writing or book review. Or finding a song for science experiments. Each student showcasing themselves in a way that is typically not seen in a self-contained classroom. The possibilities are endless. What are some ways you have used music in the classroom?


  1. I have used music to highlight language structures (especially with Spanish). I also love to have calming music in the background during writing workshop.

    I had not seen that video before either. I can see how it is catching on.

  2. I play classical, piano, environmental, and new age music during reading and writing workshops, also. At the beginning of the year, my students are unsure of it. By the end, they are bringing in their own.

  3. We have a teacher at our school that writes a class song every year. The students in her class play their instruments and the whole class sings. It is an amaazing event for the parents on the last day of school and top it off the teacher burns a CD for them to keep.

  4. Music is such a powerful tool! My classroom had two music traditions:
    1. OSU Football Fridays - My class and I developed a routine each year to the OSU fight song. Some years we just marched around the room with different children playing the part of the drum major. Other years they came up with a way to do the O-H-I-O cheer with elaborate moves.

    2. Morning Meeting - I would turn on any kids songs (current favorite SnackTime by Barenaked Ladies) and they would dance and wiggle their way to the carpet to gather and start our mornings. One year the intervention specialist and I even taught them disco dance moves - great year!

    It really does bring a sense of community and friendship among them!