Friday, July 31, 2009

Early Computer Literacy

"Readers Are Leaders!" That's the motto that can be heard around our house as I share with my children the passion for reading. Today, my son, who will be in kindergarten, was reading this book in his room. He is already very computer literate, even more so than my daughter. He can navigate to websites he has visited and maneuver around the site to where he wants go and read. Coming down the stairs he said, "Mom, can I go to this website on the back of the book?" I bought the book a few years back because it was his name, and did not even realize it had a website.

I asked him how he knew that the book had a website and here's his answer, "Mom, it had a www. and a .com on the end." I was amazed that he is already recognizing environmental computer print in his daily life. The education that he will have will be so different than mine, but better. He was born in a different time. Between flip video cameras, internet literacy, and using Google as a verb and noun, his learning opportunities will always be evolving as new software, gadgets, and technology will be coming out in the 21st Century. Soon, he will be guiding me into his learning world. For now, I'm going to enjoy the "Mom knows a lot" phase. It won't last long!

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  1. True, very true! The children in our lives will live and learn in a very different way. I feel very lucky that I will be able to watch your little reader become a leader! Your partner, L.