Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Library Visits

Every morning during the summer, I share with my kids how the day will go: errands we need to run, their "jobs" for the day, type of exercise, or whether it's a "free" day. Today, was our library day. We were not able to make it last week, and I needed to pick up a book on reserve at my favorite library: Northwest Library on Hard Road. I love it because the layout fits my needs perfectly and I can find most anything I am needing for my classroom.

I recently showed them how to type in a topic in the computer catalog, and a list of books will show up. We've checked out books on sharks, fish, horses, and puppies, and they are learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

As we went about our morning, I was fascinated by the conversation they were having. Both were discussing what types of books they would look for along with the books on cd they hope to find. My son chose to look for an Ohio book since he won an Ohio State blanket at a picnic. My daughter wanted to look for a book on jewels. (Not sure where that came from, but I'm all about choice!) Everyone came home with fiction books and books on cd. We found an Ohio book, but not a book on jewels.

After today's library experience, I'm wondering how I can better prepare my students for their weekly visit to the school library. My class went to library directly from lunch, so I was unable to have conversations about what books they would seek in the library directly before their library time. But, how could I next year focus more on what and where they can find book topics in the library before they go? Could we jot book titles on a post-it note throughout the week that they could take with them to library? How do you prepare your students for their library visit?

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