Monday, December 7, 2009

The Magic of Elves

As a teacher, I vowed I was not going to get caught up in the elf mania when my kids got to that age. But, oh how one's mindset changes, when it's your own child asking for an elf. A has never been one to ask for any toys. She plays with the small little items, but not any specific toy. Until the Monday after Thanksgiving...

She came home spinning all these stories that her friends were telling her about the elf. As all parents do, I thought this would pass. It did not. Instead, daily she would come home from school with another way to get an elf to come. She logged onto to and wrote a letter to Santa for an elf. She prayed at night for an elf.
Wednesday, she said, "Mama, this kid at Latchkey said for me to put my letter by the chimney so Santa may check for elf letters."

I must admit...I caved. However, I used it to my advantage. Her elf wrote her a letter giving specific instructions: cleaning her room, eating all her dinner, etc... A and her elf have been together non-stop. It has even become an authentic writing experience. She has written letters to her elf asking questions and her elf replies.

Sunday at Scramblers, she turned her placemat over, drew her elf, and then described her. "Ellie Elizabeth Archer is my elf. This is what she ate yesterday a milky way and a starbust." Authentic writing at its best. Perhaps this elf thing has some learning opportunities after all.
A little magic never hurt anyone. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Absolutely precious! The power of imagination is limitless! Thanks for the reminder about keeping the magic going for all of our students!