Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poetry Saturday?

Santa came last night to the Archer household, bringing a trip instead of toys. We're heading to the Carolinas Monday(have you seen how much snow they've received!!!?) to go tubing, the Biltmore Estate, and visit relatives. Since we couldn't pack until Santa came(which I should be doing while everyone is outside making a snowman!), my husband crafted a poem to help Santa explain the trip. Addyson found it early this morning(before 7am on a Saturday!!!!!), and read it to us.

Twas the week before Christmas, and wouldn't you know
The tree was all lit, and it had started to snow.

The elves were all working away on their toys,
while Santa checked his list of good girls and boys.

A couple of kids soon caught his attention.
The ones his elf Ellie had happened to mention.

Addyson and Austin were the names of this pair,
And Santa had sent Ellie to keep an eye on them there.

At their home in Powell, on Watson Way.
Santa hoped they could stay nice until Christmas Day.

But he had reasons to worry, reasons to fret.
After all, Christmas was a week away yet.

Austin was already bored, with no school, nothing to do.
Santa heard Addyson exclaim "I'm bored too!"

Santa and Ellie worked for hours together,
to make this the kids' best Christmas ever.

A family adventure, the two had agreed,
was the perfect solution for this Christmas need.

So Austin and Addy, with parents in tow
would head out on Monday for some fun in the snow.

Some skiing, some tubing, some skating, who knows?
depends on how cold, and how the wind blows.

Or maybe some mini-golf, or bowling or wall-climbing?
Boy, Santa sure was getting tired of rhyming.

Then off to a castle, fit for a queen.
All lit up for Christmas, like nothing they've seen.

"But what about family, and time spent together?"
Ellie wondered out loud, as she checked the weather.

"So spend time with Aunt Dot," Santa was quick to suggest.
"And Uncle Steve and the horses, that would be best!"

"And bring Grandma and Grandpa Archer too."
Santa proclaimed, "That's the thing to do."

So Santa packed his sleigh early, and took to the skies.
To deliver and early Christmas surprise.

With Ellie's help, and his reindeer, all eight,
he set his plan in motion to make their Christmas great.

He left presents beneath Addyson and Austin's tree,
But the best gift of all couldn't be wrapped, you see.

For fun times together, don't need ribbon and bows,
And can't be delivered by Rudolph, with his shiny nose.

So pack your bags, kids, dress warm and get ready to roll!
On an adventure from Santa and all his elves at the North Pole.

Have fun, be safe on the snow and the ice.
And remember Ellie and Santa are watching,

Merry Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Archer Accountability Plan Update: I haven't made as much progress in the book Sent as I would have liked. I'm taking it with me on vacation. However, I do have the article written, edited, and hope to send it off in January. So... I'm 50/50 on my accountability plan.
Thanks for checking!

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  1. Bravo Andy! What a wonderful way to explain the plan. Have a wonderful family trip!