Monday, August 3, 2009

21st Century Class Reunion

Last weekend, we went to our hometown for my husband's high school reunion. What fascinated me was how 21st Century literacies have evolved that the 2oth Century is taking hold of them.

1. Facebook Organization
The organizer began in January with a page on Facebook and began hunting down classmates via the internet. All communication was on the web except we needed to mail in a check by the postal service. RSVP's, questions, dates, and agendas were online-based. Out of a class of 200, there were 90 classmates plus spouses for the dinner. Amazing how communication has changed.

2. Video Clips
One student video-taped his entire last day and projected it on the screen. Can you imagine how big and bulky video cameras were in the 80's? It was fun to see hairstyles, clothes, and the old high school through the eyes of a student. Everyone was mesmerized for over 30 minutes trying to identify classmates on the grainy clips. Our children now use a Flip Camera the size of your palm and can upload to the internet with a few clicks. My own children are constantly asking to use the "video-taper" as they call it, around the house.

3. Cameras
I only saw 3 cameras in the room. Everyone was sharing photos and taking pics with their cell phones. The next morning, reunion pics were posted on Facebook and comments about their evening flew fast off their fingers. So, I'm beginning to see the connectivity of Facebook, as opposed to Twitter (my personal fav).

Now, if the 20th Century is taking hold of technology usage when it was not around then, what will the 21st Century students take with them to their reunions?

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  1. I just had my class reunion last weekend too! Technology played a big role in tracking everyone down for our organizers too.