Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kevin's Meadering Mind Podcast

Kevin's Powerful Meadering Mind:  I didn't get a chance to see Kevin Hodgson because I was in other sessions, but Tony from Learn Me Sumthin and Mary from Teaching in the Tech Frontier raved about his Meadering Mind.  Mine has been working in overdrive since the conference and I flipped over to his blog tonight and listened to his podcast reflection on Tim Tyson's technology movement in his school.  I'm posting the link    (scroll to Feb. 22) because I cannot do it justice...all I can say is WOW and AMEN!!  For those of you wanting to move faster and farther than districts will "allow", Kevin shares what it took for Tim Tyson to go up against district and technology administrators and get most of his teachers blogging weekly.
It's a must "hear" podcast for teachers, administrators, and district officials.
Enjoy!  I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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