Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small Moment in The Checkout Line

I was looking at my treasures today, thinking about the next testing days and the OAT's to come.  Have I done enough teaching the testing genre?  Will they do well?  Will they have test anxiety and not perform?  I know..tests don't make the student.  I hear you.  You're speaking to the choir.  But, it is a reality. 

Rushing  to Sam's afterschool  for a 7lb bag of mints, I smiled and waved hello to a parent I had last year.  Her son was unique and had some quirks, but he shined in technology and reading.  She didn't recognize me, so she came over for a chat.  Once she realized her son was in my class, our conversation took on more than a friendly fly-by.  She shared with me that he is a reader now and loves it.  "You brought it out in him.  He wasn't into books before, but whatever you did, Thank You.  You expected him to read and set the bar high enough for him to achieve." I thanked her, but it really was finding that book, that spark in him so he can thrive, succeed in the classroom.  It was showing myself as a reader, working through strategies in my own practice.  It was having book talks, book choice, and a devoted time to reading in the classroom.

It's these little moments that pop up when you need them most.  My treasures will take with them a love for reading.  Thank you, Mrs. S for sharing your son with me last year.  I learned from him, also.

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