Sunday, August 16, 2009


We start back this week. It's time. I've had some time with my family. I've had couple time, and I've had Me time. My kids have had a summer of firsts: losing teeth, chin stitches, and becoming better swimmers. My husband and I traveled together to Southwest Colorado for a vacation. I READ for fun, for pleasure, and for learning. I stretched out of my comfort zone on some professional collaboration. And I'm happy with the completion of some of my summer goals list. Therefore, it's time to return to school.

This weekend, my family ran in the Inaugural King's Island Race. My husband and I did the 10k, while the kids ran 1/2 mile. While I was running, I came up with my Top Five Lessons to Remember at the start to a new year. Everyday this week, I'm going to share one with you and the analogy I came up with as I ran.
Lesson One: Find Your Tribe.

Check it out on Monday!

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