Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lesson Four: It's All About The Kids

While we were finishing our race, my in-laws were trying to find the start of the kids' race. We made it 4 minutes before the start. My husband ran with our son and I ran with our daughter. She held my hand as we ran her half-mile through the Nick Universe of the park. She knew when she needed to walk, and when she could start running again. She was high-fiving Pablo, from Backyardigans, Spongebob, and other characters. Our son enjoyed watching the characters as he ran. When they began the home stretch, my husband and I stepped aside so they could bask in their moment, running through the finish on their own. They were greeted with a finishing medal and were elated with their success. They were unaware of all the inconveniences and problems of the race. All that mattered to them was seeing the cartoon characters and accomplishing their goal. It was all about the kids.

As I begin the year with all the challenges, I need to remember...It's all about the kids. They are there to learn. They are there to be challenged. They are there to set and achieve their goals. And they are there to be loved. Everything I do needs to focus on my group of treasures. It does not matter all the behind-the-scenes frustrations that I may experience, I need to have my game on when they walk through the door. Remember: It's all about the kids.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! It's all about the kids! This week has been so stressful with our technology not up and running and trying to "fix it" but my stress melted away as soon as the students started coming in for walk through and I saw their smiling faces. It reminded me of why I love working in a school!