Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lesson Five: Find Your Success

Today was our first day of school. A lot of excitement and apprehension was felt all throughout the room. We finished labeling supplies, wrote about our Fav Five, and learned about each other. It seems that the more years I teach the same grade, the easier the first day is. What a great day!

As we embark on our journey together, I want to be reminded to look for the daily successes, no matter how small. Our district is undergoing a technology overhaul with numerous mechanical "opportunities." We've become so dependent on technology, that we do not know what to do when it 's not working. Email, printers, internet...all have had "opportunities" that needed to be addressed. A few minutes before school began, I was getting my flip video ready when the batteries died. AGGG!! A quick call to my husband and he brought me some that afternoon. I shared with my class how it works and ideas that we could use it for in our learning. I handed it over to some girls at recess and they spent the entire time interviewing one another. The video clips are precious and I can't wait to use them at curriculum night. I'm excited about all the possibilities to use this tool in the classroom.

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