Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where do you like to think?

At the beginning of the year, I want to learn about my new group of treasures. I ask them to think about their favorite places to read and write, bring in pictures, along with "scrapbook" items that define their personalities to decorate their notebooks. These exercises and conversations bring my community of learners together on their journey throughout the year. This year I want to bring more to the conversation, "Where do you like to think, to create?" As I think about my own creative process, my place is the road.

I run. I am a runner. Not for sport. Not for racing. But, for recreation. I run through the highs and lows of life. I run through the plateaus. But, mostly I run to think. When I was elated about new career opportunities, I ran. When I was distraught with disappointment and despair, I ran and cried. When my husband traveled, my kids hopped on their bikes and I ran. It's more than stress relief, it's how I process events, ideas, and strategies. It's just me and the road. No IPOD, no technology. Just me and my thoughts.

I've created so many projects and ideas while running. When my treasures are not understanding a concept, I run and think of a new strategy to try. I think about colleagues. I think about students. I think about metaphors and analogies. It's where I go to truly process issues, concepts, and ideas. The road is where I go to create.

Where do you go to think and create?

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  1. I also hit the road, Partner! Running and hard exercise in general clears my head and allows me to think more clearly. I also like to think, process, work early in the morning when the rest of the house is still asleep. I think anytime we can help kids understand themselves better as learners, we will be more effective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!