Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intermediate Learning Mats

My friend, Cathy Mere and her teaching partner, Deb presented at the Dublin Literacy Conference on goal-setting with young learners.  I am always excited to hear primary teachers talk about ideas, and then I up the ante for my fourth graders.  After all, my friend Ann Marie Corgill says intermediate learners are just big primary learners.

Anyways, they shared these learning mats that each student utilizes for conferring and referencing during workshops.  One side has their reading and writing goal, along with an alphabet chart for placing words they're unsure of spelling.  Math "tools" were glued on the other side:  a hundreds chart, math goal, and more.  I simplified it for my intermediate friends and placed an area for math vocabulary and definitions.  Once laminated, they have become a daily reference for all my learners.  Just an idea...

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