Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Power of One!!

Make a Difference in Your Corner of the World:  the centralized theme my class has been focusing on through our read alouds.  It all began with the Freedom on the Menu book in early February, and has spread like a ripple in the ocean.  Youtube has some great videos on this message, and I've been converting them to share at school. This morning, I found the perfect song for my class.  The Power of One blends the message of historical figures who made change and the unsung heroes of today in a music video.
Enjoy the message and become THE POWER OF ONE in your little corner of the world!! 
You can make a difference!
(for those of you who've embedded the entire videos before, would you send me instructions!)

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  1. Powerful, inspirational, meaningful...I can't wait to watch our kiddos as they watch this clip! Thanks for searching for just the right one, Shelly. It is going to be really exciting to see what the do as they reflect on the many layers of learning we have provided for them!