Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Power of One: Part 2

Our discussions have led us to writing about what we could do to make a difference. After viewing the video, my treasures began focusing on what we have termed "power words."  Teamwork, Effort, Perseverance, Believe, Unstoppable, Unique, Can:  they each chose their power word and began webbing ideas.  As Lisa and I conferenced while they were writing, a pattern emerged.  While they understood the meaning of the word, they needed to work on specifics.  What can they do more than encourage with quotes?

Lisa, who is the ying to my yang, spoke on passion.  She shared that my treasure, G, has a passion for reading.  He reads at latchkey.  He's the last one to leave for related arts because he is so caught up in his book.  How could G use his passion to make a difference in his part of the world?  Another treasure, L, has a passion for sports.  He is one of my promising readers, but has read every book on sports and loved them.  What could L do to use his passion of sports to make a difference?  That gave my treasures some thoughts to think about over the weekend as we prepare for the video-making process.

In the midst of a project that I love, my mind whirls with possiblities.  During our discussion on power words, I thought of my new love for painting in the classroom.  How could I use this?  In thinking about a clip in the movie, Chrissa Stands Strong, my treasures are going to paint their power words to create a class quilt of making a difference.  I'm excited about the impact it could have on those around us.

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