Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Reading List

I LOVE planning for vacations.  Mostly, I LOVE planning what I'll be reading while I'm lounging in the Sun.  I always have some ideas, but need to check out Amazon reviews and bookstores.  The past two days I had Book Dates with each of my children.  We head out to the bookstores and library to get our vacation reading material.  For me, it's always a challenge packing.  I tend to go lighter on clothes and heavier on the books.  I can always do laundry!!  My only goal is to keep all luggage carryon!

My Son's  Reading List:
Curious George and the Pizza Party, Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory, a Cars book, a Nemo book, and Ranger Rick magazines.  We also have a travel journal to write in because I'm taking them out of school. (Our spring breaks did not match this year!)

My Daughter's  Reading List:
Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert, Thumbelina, 2 Cam Jansen's mysteries, Highlights magazines, and a travel journal.

My Reading List:
The Lucky One:  Nicholas Sparks (a light read)
The Friday Night Knitting Club:  Kate Jacobs (strong women characters)
Magnolia Wednesdays:  Wendy Wax (a quick pick-up at the store)
Born to Run:  Christopher McDougall (inspiration to get back running)
Crazy for the Storm:  Norman Ollestad (saw the book at Starbucks)
Drive (heard about it through morning news shows and friends)

My husband chose to stay home this year.  He's tearing up carpet and putting down wood floors.  He most likely won't be reading much but the internet and instruction manuals.

What are you going to be reading next week?

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  1. I love your book dates idea! I have not read Friday Night Knitting Club yet, but it sounded good.

    I am on break this week, and I have so many books I am trying to read. I finished Girl on the Other Side (that I had started earlier in the week). Then I read The Socially Networked Classroom, and right now I am reading The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy because I love reading remakes after reading classics. I have a lot more YA books that I will try to read as well.