Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sprouts of Spring

My winter hibernation is over!  (I read over 14 mystery/thrillers during my hibernation period!!!)  I must be a daylight savings girl because as soon as the time changed, so did my willingness to exercise.  I was at the gym 4 days this week.  For me, I need the SUN!  Not so much for heat, but for light.  When the gray, cold winter air hits, I come home from school, change into my comfy clothes, and take a nap.  But, Spring has Sprung. 

Saturday,  I woke up, had my daily fix of coffee, and went for my first pedicure since summer.  (I know it's truly spring, now.)  There's something about having pretty toes and shoes to showcase them in.  When I came home, my kids and I went outside.  Last summer, my daughter tried to ride a 2-wheeler, but continued to struggle.  She used different strategies, but her confidence was shot.  Finally, she gave up and used her scooter for everything.

So, we began practicing again.  A year older, and a year stronger.  Amazingly, she did it.  She was riding past with a sense of accomplishment.  We were able to go on a mile bike ride.  My goal is to be able to ride to the pool (1 1/2 miles) this summer.  I'll even be able to run alongside them now.  Yeah, Addy!

This afternoon, I went for my first 3 mile run.  There  is something about running outside, seeing the flowers come to life, and listening to the birds chirp.  I love Spring!  Carpe Diem!

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